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Website Design Portfolio

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Some of our designs that are ‘live’ online:

Website design for Whispering MeadowsWhispering Meadows Link to an external website is a family-farm website selling naturally-raised Angus beef.

We designed this site from top to bottom, including the page design, logo, and all of the images and sales text.  It contains almost 40 pages of high-quality content, and has made a significant improvement to the sales of their beef.

The site also includes an online ordering system, an articles section, and a fully-automated email signup & delivery system.

Click here to visit the Whispering Meadows website Link to an external website.

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Website design for DivineJoyDivineJoy Link to an external website offers consciousness-oriented workshops and retreats from a number of highly gifted teachers.

We built their site on a content management system (CMS), with a fully-automated newsletter system, site search function, listings of upcoming events, and many other features.

The way this site is designed allows its owners to log in to an administration area, where they can change any of the content or pictures, add or remove pages, write and send newsletters, etc. — all without having to learn any technical skills.

Click here to have a look at the DivineJoy website Link to an external website.

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website for Jason Moser-WilcoxJason Moser-Wilcox Link to an external website is a talented singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada.

We designed this site for him to promote his music, using images and audio tracks that he provided.

We build the site with a number of special effects that make it a departure from the average.

Click here to check it out Link to an external website.

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Website design for unfoldintoONE.comUnfoldIntoONE Link to an external website is a spiritually-oriented website run by two amazing women in the USA who act as ascension guides.

This site is set up on a content management system (CMS) that allows them to add or edit any of the text and images on the site, from anywhere that they have Internet access.

We set up the site based on a website template that they purchased.  We customized it and integrated it into the CMS, so they can add and change their content at any time.

Click here to visit the site Link to an external website.

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Better Planet InvestmentsBetter Planet Investments Link to an external website is a real estate investment firm with a socially and environmentally-responsible system of ethics.  We designed their complete website, including all of the sales text and images.

The site includes effective long-copy marketing text, with automated response forms and streamlined navigation.  The site is fairly small in terms of its number of pages, but has had a very favorable response.

Click here to visit this site Link to an external website.

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Powerful Partnering website designPowerful Partnering Link to an external website is a personal-coaching and business mentoring website for Margot Thompson.

Because Margot wanted to create and manage all of her own content, we set up her site on a content management system (CMS) that allows her to do all of her own editing online.

She can log in to the administrative section of her site from anywhere in the world, and change any of her text, images or sidebar content whenever she wants.

We designed all of the graphics and her logo, set up the CMS, and gave her the training and documentation that she needed to master the administration of her site.

Click here to see the Powerful Partnering website Link to an external website.

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Website design for sharebooks.caShareBooks Link to an external website is a website we created for some scientific authors, who wanted their books to be available to the public for free download in PDF format.

The site is database-driven, and has the capability to sort the book listings by subject, title or author.  It provides descriptions for each book, and also tracks their current number of downloads.

The site also has a basic e-commerce system in place, to accept donations via PayPal.

Click here to view ShareBooks Link to an external website.

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Swired Innovations website designSwired Innovations Link to an external website is a high-tech house wiring company that allows people to make sure that all of their home electronic systems can communicate, both now and in the future.

This site is a combination of Flash animation and static text.  It has a clean, professional look that fits well with the high-tech image of the company.

Our clients provided the text and some of the images for the site, which we supplemented with stock photos to enrich the user experience.

Click here to visit Swired Innovations Link to an external website.

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Sanders Greenhouses Link to an external website wanted a professional business website, primarily to promote their tree-planting programs.  They provide tree seedlings for a funding program that covers 75% of the cost of reforesting private land.

We gave this site a clean look with a natural colour scheme.  We then resized and optimized the photos provided by the company, and created a total of 7 web pages for the site.

We also wrote all of the text for this website, based on the company’s business plan and other documentation.

Click here to see the Sanders Greenhouses site Link to an external website.

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Website design for Write On EnterprisesWe designed the Write On Link to an external website website for Marigo Stathis, a freelance writer in Baltimore, to help her promote her high-quality writing services.

We created an animated logo for the site, wrote all of the site text, and included 28 PDF samples of her writing in six different categories.

The site layout is minimalist, with a clean look and extensive use of whitespace.

Click here to see the Write On website Link to an external website.

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Website design for Chatwell InternationalChatwell International Link to an external website provides teacher placement services to international English teachers.  This website contains about 40 pages of content, for both the teachers and the schools who hire them.

In addition to its thorough content pages, the site includes:

We designed all of the graphics for the site, including the company logo, and created a unique look with an animated motto in the header, a custom background, and many other features.  We also set up a custom e-commerce system on the site, and an automated online application system for teacher registrations.  And our search engine optimization efforts resulted in a number of #1 keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN, among others.

Click here to view this site Link to an external website.

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Other web and graphic designs:

In addition to the sample sites above, we have a large portfolio of past work, both in web and graphic design.

To keep loading times fast(er), I've split more of our portfolio off into separate pages.  Click on these links to see more:


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