Here are some layouts and designs that we produced to demonstrate a vision to a client:

Portfolio of Samples and Mockups

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Sample website designThis page is a mockup that we created in order to bid on a website contract.

The design never progressed into a full site, but I still like how it looks!

We designed all of the graphics, layout and text, and used stock photos for the two pictures on the page.

Click here to view a larger version.

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Mockup web page for a flower storeHere’s another mockup page that we designed for a flower shop.

It has a textured 3-dimensional feel, and uses a gel-button look for the main site navigation.

It didn’t grow into a website, but I find it pleasing to the eye, so I'm including it here for your enjoyment.

Have a look at a larger version here.

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Ginada Pinata web designGinada Piñata Link to an external website was a wonderfully talented jazz fusion band in West Virginia.  This is a Flash presentation that we whipped up for them to show off their first album.

Unfortunately the band broke up before we could make it into a website, so it remains a simple demo.

But it’s still worth checking out Link to an external website!



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