Want to have your product or service promoted for you over the Internet?

Here’s how to partner with a web designer so you can BOTH benefit from the global reach of the web

If you have a high-quality product or service that you think would sell very well over the Internet, then entering into a joint venture with a web developer can be a quick and productive way to build a profitable business.

Some of the best things to sell on the net have a number of qualities in common:

A good example of such a product would be a niche-topic ebook.  If you have an area of expertise that a number of people would be willing to pay to learn about, then you can put your knowledge into an ebook and sell it to your target market over the Internet.

Assuming your product or service is of a high quality, the profits from this type of venture will be determined by two things:

  1. How well your site is promoted so that it reaches your target market;
  2. and how well the sales-copy in the site converts visitors into customers.

So finding the right web developer to partner with is crucial.  Here are a number of things to look for:

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Qualities of an effective web developer

First of all, you will want to make sure that the person or firm you’re working with has actual experience in creating and promoting effective sales sites.

They need to be able to take care of all of the different aspects of making your site effective:

Of course, in return for these services, you will need to make your potential business partner an offer that is attractive to them:

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What to offer your web development partner

Everything is negotiable, and the deal that you create will depend on many factors, including the value of what you’re selling, and how much cash you are willing to invest.

A joint venture with a web designer can allow you to reach a much larger target market than you would otherwiseKeep in mind that in the long term, your developer will need to earn significantly more than if they were simply being paid for the project.  They are taking on a business risk in assuming that your product will sell – and they are accepting deferred income – so your offer should take this into account.

The more information you have about the size of your target market, its demand for your product, and the costs of reaching them through Internet marketing....

....the more attractive you can make your offer to a potential partner.

In most cases, you will want to offer your developer a combination of cash investment and a percentage of sales.  Your initial investment not only shows good faith, but should also cover part or all of the out-of-pocket expenses of website development.

Make sure that your deal is favorable enough for both parties, otherwise it can build resentments over time, and the partnership will fall apart.  Be as clear and detailed as possible – in writing – about the responsibilities of each party, and include consequences of non-performance in your contract.

In the right hands, building an effective sales site can be a quick way to make very large profits.  As with any good partnership, this can be a win-win situation for both you and your site developer.

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Partnering with Arvana Design Studios

From time to time, my team is willing to consider taking on a web development project on a partnership basis.  We can give you vital expertise in making a large volume of sales, and significantly lower your development costs at the same time.

If you have a truly outstanding product or service that meets the criteria for strong Internet sales....

....especially if it is in the fields of organic agriculture, alternative health, expansion of human consciousness, or the arts....

....then I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss partnering on your project.

Click here to contact me directly!


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