Want to set up your site so that you – and your collaborators – can easily manage its content?

Here’s how to build your own website based on a content management system (CMS)

Whether you develop your site entirely by yourself, or hire programmers to take care of some of the details, using a content management system can make your site a real pleasure to manage.

Getting everything set up properly will be a technically challenging project, because even the simplest CMS has a lot of complex programming.  So if you can, I’d recommend finding someone to help you — a developer who already has experience in building templates and features into your particular CMS.

If you can’t find somebody locally, you can almost certainly find an expert on Elance Link to an external website or RentACoder Link to an external website who can take care of a lot of your programming details at a very inexpensive rate.

So which CMS should you use?

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Choosing your content management system

There’s a wide variety of different content management systems available, and the best one to choose for your needs depends on what features you want to have on your site.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider including:

There is a free online service called CMS Matrix Link to an external website that is a great help in choosing a CMS that has all of the features you need — though you will first need to learn the lingo to be able to use it effectively.

There are basically two different types of CMS: open-source and professional.  It’s very important for you to know what you’re getting, because it can be difficult to switch to a different CMS later on.

So I’ll give you a few details here about each type....

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Open-source CMS platforms

The open source movement is a community of programmers from around the world, who all collaborate on software and make it available for freeLinux Link to an external website and OpenOffice Link to an external website are probably the best-known open source packages.

There are a large number of open-source CMS’s available, and some of them are truly excellent — both in terms of their quality and their features.

Open-source CMS’s have some great advantages:

Of course, there are some disadvantages as well....

For many website owners, these disadvantages are minor, and an open-source CMS can be an excellent way to go.  If you are creating an informational website, with little or no ecommerce on it, this is what I would likely recommend.

Here’s a free website that has ratings and live demos of the available open-source CMS packages: openSourceCMS Link to an external website.

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Professional CMS platforms

If your site is going to sell a large number of products via the Internet, then you will most likely want to invest in a professional software package to help you manage your online catalogue.

Professional CMS systems range from fairly basic shopping cart software, to full-service enterprise solutions.  They usually much less technical knowledge to set up than open-source platforms, and generally have full-time technical support staff to help you get everything running smoothly.

Here are three that are worth looking at:

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Making your site into a success

Beyond the design and setup of your website, you still have a few more steps to complete before your site becomes a successful online business.

Exactly how you make money from your site will depend on whether it is sales-oriented or informational....

....but in either case you will need to make sure that you streamline your revenue process to maximize your income.

You also need to build a large volume of traffic to your site.  The more targeted visitors your site gets, the larger an income stream it can generate.

There are a couple of resources that I recommend, which will definitely help you get the results you want:

I also have some inexpensive ebooks that will help you build and promote a successful site for next-to-nothing.

And for the ultimate personal guidance towards Internet success, have a look at everything you get in my Platinum Protégé mentoring program!



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